Is the Huaynaputina going to explode? Are the other two volcanoes in Africa and Indonesia blow at the same time?

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If you are a mathematician, make some calculations: the last big explosion of the Huaynaputina occurred 411 years ago (150,120 days; 21,445 weeks; 3,602,880 hours): is there a pattern that indicates an imminent explosion?

Is you dedicate yourself to the study of prophecies, please look for some predictions about the explosion of 3 volcanoes in the next weeks: Nostradamus. Merlin, Cayce, the Mayans, the Celts, the Egyptians or even unknown prophets.

If you are a scientist, please study the patterns of the volcanic eruptions: Are there connections between these 3 volcanoes? Have the unusual amounts of energy emitted from the center of the galaxy something to do with the eruptions? Is the Earth’s core slowly heating up, and cause the volcanoes to explode?

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